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Shura Council Membership Application

The Muslim Women's Shura Council is an international advisory body connecting Muslim women leaders from academia, civil society, politics, and religion around the joint mission of advancing women's rights in Islam. The Shura Council is generating a space in which Muslim women can actively dialogue and collaborate on pressing issues of social justice, in order to articulate an ethical and egalitarian Islam. Composed of Muslim women scholars and activists, the Council aims to promote equality for Muslim women by conducting research, providing Islamic positions on relevant issues, and disseminating this information to the media and WISE network.

You can find the Council's Vision, Mission and Objectives here.

Terms of Membership

A position in the global Shura Council gives members the opportunity to cooperate on reclaiming women's rights in Islam through interpretation and advocacy in a collegial environment with Muslim women leaders across lines of ethnicity, nationality, fields of expertise, as well as political and religious schools of thought. All Shura Council members are expected to participate in Council meetings and commit at least four hours per month to Shura Council projects, excluding the time devoted to meetings.

Women's Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality (WISE), a program of ASMA, contributes extensively to the research and writing of the learned opinions, with vital input and feedback from Council members. WISE also provides administrative, fundraising, media dissemination, and project management functions to the Shura Council.

Membership applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed annually at Shura Council meetings. Potential members are selected by an open vote after they have applied for membership or have been recommended by a current member. Elected members are then sent an invitation letter and a letter of engagement.

Membership is renewable each year. A leave of absence is possible in consultation with WISE. Members who are not able to fulfill their commitments as listed in the letter of engagement may choose to, or be asked to, turn in their resignation.

Please upload your resume/curriculum vitae and a statement of purpose no longer than one-page along with this application.

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I have read and understood the WISE Compact. I have read and understand the Vision, Mission, and Objectives of the Shura Council. I have read and understand the terms of membership. I have uploaded my resume/curriculum vitae. I have uploaded a short, typed statement of purpose of no more than one-page, describing my interest in serving on the Shura Council and my qualifications.
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